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Only 47% of women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer survive past 5 years. So that means the women with this deadly cancer, fighting to more funding and awareness, die before they can really make a difference.

Carry the Courage is an Ovarian Cancer Australia sponsorship program we created, where people can sponsor a woman who’s died from Ovarian Cancer. Through their sponsorship people will not only regularly donate money that helps OCA continue the work these women were doing, but they’ll also be given a pack of assets to fundraise on behalf of the woman they’re sponsoring.

DDB Sydney 

Art Director: Kate Idle

Copywriter: Hannah Lawson

Senior Art Director: Andrew Torrisi

Good Oil

Director: Renée Mao

Producer: Matt Long

EP: Sam Long

The Editors

Editor (Jill): Grace O'Connell

Music: Djarimirri by Gurrumul

Editor (Kristen): Grace Eyre

Music: Jackson Milas | Sonar Music

Colorist: Trish Cahill

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